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Sandy's Story

Hi my name is Dr Sandy! And my biggest bore is marking essays ☹

I am a primary teacher who has taught in Mt Druitt, the Ryde district, and now casually on the Central Coast of N.S.W. Australia for the N.S.W Department of Education. My Ph.D. saw me listen to primary Pre-Service Teachers meet over a cuppa as we shared critical events when we taught on prac. The question was: How do primary pre-service teachers learn to engage students in learning during professional experience? Especially reluctant learners. I have worked for two universities as a tutor, lecturer, convenor, and marker. I am an empath who loves joking, coffee and Art. Inclusion for all is my passion. If I had to choose two subjects, I enjoy teaching the most, they would be Art and Numeracy. I prefer the seven generals capabilities rather than one subject and I love the 4Cs and Cultures of Thinking. My goal with TheNewBrewPC is to empower preservice teachers and to give you a voice (agency). I am your biggest fan and advocate! You guys come first for me.

What do I fear? I struggle with many fears and use my #diveinmentality to help. Currently, my biggest fear to teach is singing.