Gender Diversity 

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Gender Diverse Terms

We, as educators need to understand the difference between sex, sexuality and gender. Sex is about your reproductive organs, sexuality is who you're attracted to and gender exists on a spectrum. When talking about gender, we need to understand that it has nothing to do with biology, it is something that you feel. Primary-aged children may question and explore their gender, and all we need to do is support them whole-heartedly in their journey. Never assume and always take care. Stereotyping can impact a child negatively. Below are some terms that you can make yourself familiar with.
  • Transgender – your gender identity doesn’t match the                                                                      sex you were assigned at birth

  • Non-binary your gender identity is neither male nor                                                                      female, or is a blend of male and female

  • Genderfluid – you move between gender identities

  • Agender – you don't identify with any gender

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