Using Our Senses Activity

Kyle & Natasa have created an easy activity appropriate for any age group as it gets children to use their senses and gets them using their high order thinking, where they get to developing their creative skills and where they learn to develop ideas on their own. In this activity, younger children may require some guidance, but older children should easily be able to do this activity on their own or as part of a group. This activity is inclusive of every child including Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children, because no matter their level they can create whatever it is that they would like, whatever is relevant to them as an invidividual, and may even surprise you!

A big thanks to our lovely Dr Sandy for the inspiration behind this activity. 

Kyle & Natasa have also created a step by step process on how to create a lesson plan with the feedback of a local AECG member which is inclusive of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students and have a lesson plan sample available on our Prac Hub+ section. Click this link to access these resources! We also encourage any pre-service teachers to head over to Spotify or Soundcloud to listen to our podcast, where we are featured on episode 4.

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