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Jarryd's Story

What is going on everyone!

I'm Jarryd and I have been a Pre-service Teacher for 4 years, studying part-time. I am honoured to be a part of the New Brew Crew as the enthusiastic 'tech' curator.


My biggest bore? Essays. I have never wanted to engage in writing essays because it doesn't allow me to express my passion and expertise in exploring technology. Technology is my way of proving the dynamic use towards all traditional aspects of teaching. I have come from a work background in promotional work (bingo, raffles, and trivia) and working with children, which has led me now to currently working as a School Learning Support Officer (SLSO) at a school. I am so excited to share my passion and perspective on technology and show how easy it is to implement it in the classroom.

I am all about cherishing memories of my schooling. Everyone has memories of their schooling, some good, some bad (hopefully more good than bad!). My drive as a teacher will be to create positive memories for my students for them to cherish and share in the future. By being a part of the New Brew Crew will influence me to discover new pieces for my pedagogy puzzle. This puzzle will hopefully engage future students with educational tools for many years!