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Jason's Story


My name is Jason, and I am currently in my first year studying a Bachelor of Education in primary/elementary school (students aged 5-12 years).

My teaching journey was born because I have a deep desire to see change in our world. Children are the future, and they need to be seen as such. My passion lies within creativity, for I believe that the imagination is the fountain that retains all knowledge. I hope in my future career to be able to enlighten students and adults alike through ideas fostering the imagination through engaging content and other educational tools.


My other passion lies with inclusivity and my vision is to see change within the classroom. The world is diverse and we need to have (in Dr Sandy's words) our inclusion lens on. Equity stands at the core of my vision for a better world.

After I have finished university, I wish to take a rural/regional placement. Part of my desire to teach rurally is I can see in these regions students are often marginalised and a key reason why is that many areas are what we call low-socioeconomic status (SES) communities. 


My biggest bore at university is disengaging content. When I become disengaged, I don’t have a yearning to learn the subject matter. Through this podcast, my hope is that we can change this stigma in the way we learn, and in turn, change the world. I love the idea of Dr Sandy’s, “Doing engagement right!”