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Kyle's story

Hi, my name is Kyle. 1 of 6 siblings and the oldest. My biggest bore? Lectures haha. I cannot stay engaged. I’m one of the preservice teachers on The New Brew Podcast. I'm in my second year at university studying to be a primary school teacher.

My passion for working with children stems from having so many younger siblings, two of which have learning difficulties and are from an Aboriginal descent. Seeing how hard my mum works to try and get any assistance for my siblings is really hard and seeing how little support they get from schools is another barrier.

I aim to be a teacher that doesn’t judge children based on their backgrounds and that doesn’t put a limit on what children in my class can do. My motto is “reach for the stars” and that’s what every child in my class will have the opportunity to do. My future career involves travelling Australia with my fiancée Natasa and working in Indigenous communities.

This podcast is the start of my career and I’m very excited to see where it takes me.


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