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NataSA'S Story

Dobro dosli (welcome in Serbian) I'm Natasa, a PreService Teacher just like you! My biggest bore? Essays. I am in my second year of study as a pre-service teacher and I come from 5 years in a real estate background. I am a huge empath who has always had a passion for working with children hence why real estate just wasn't enough for me!

Throughout my degree, I have realised that being a teacher is exactly what I was meant to do. I was blessed to come across the most amazing educators who have inspired me to pursue a career in Indigenous Australian education  where they opened my world up to culturally responsive pedagogy. This is really close to my heart as I come from a strong cultural background myself. I will aim to provide quality learning experiences for every child in my classroom, and my biggest goal will be to work towards closing the gap for Indigenous Australian children!

Upon the completion of my degree, I hope to travel around Australia, both learning and working in the Indigenous communities with my fiancee, Kyle. I am so blessed to be a part of this podcast, and with it, my team and I hope to assist preservice teachers just like us!