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Rowan's Story

Hey there!

My name is Rowan Moses. I am a professional actress, artist and one of the preservice teachers on The New Brew Podcast. My passion lies within creative education. My biggest bore is sticking to a rubric for an assignment hahaha.

I am a third-year pre-service teacher, I have been doing my degree no joke for the last 8 or so years. In between I have completed an acting degree, worked on film sets, thrown axes, and walked 2500km in America for mental health awareness.

With my professional experience as a creative artist, I want to inspire educators and students to allow themselves to be more creative within all disciplines in education. The key goal to reignite the emphasis on imaginative and play-based learning for all ages. Inspired by the work of the late Sir Ken Robinson, I hope within TheNewBrewPC I can encourage people to find their passions, develop better community engagement and communication, and develop a more holistic educational ecosystem. 


What do I fear? I struggle with exams and performance pressure due to my anxiety disorder, But I have always found the creative arts, nature walks and a cup of tea to be the best cure for my fears.