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We are The New Brew Podcast, and we are a community of primary pre-service and in-service teachers aiming to embrace opportunities to share our journeys with practical and professional experience. Our founder and maker is Dr Sandy Nicoll, and she has been teaching since 1993. Our passions drive us and we wish to be influencers for good. Our main vision is to help students, pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, and educational professionals on their educational journeys. Our website is devoted to bettering your experience in the classroom, especially on practical experience. Our free resources and PracHub+ offer lesson support material, lesson plans, Learning Circle podcasts, and more designed to further your understanding in whatever area interests you. Dr Sandy’s Practice is for educational professionals who may want  to delve deeper into Dr Sandy's own research with topics such as engaging that reluctant learner. Our podcast is aimed at pre-service teachers, in-service teachers and educational professionals who may want to advance their knowledge in the world of education.

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Dr. Sandy Nicoll